Japanese Antique Carp Streamer

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Japanese Antique Carp Streamer

Japan/ Circa1860-1900s

Size : W3300 D300 H730 mm

Item Number : J_07



This is an old Japanese Carp Streamer.("Koinobori")
This item is from the Meiji era (1860s-1900s).

Jaoanese people hang up the carp streamers called “Koinobori” on Children’s day.Parents display “Koinobori” hoping that their children will grow up healthy and strong.
The origin of “Koinobori” is a historical event in ancient China. It’s said that a carp was the only one which won a race among other fishes, and became a dragon. That’s why a carp was chosen to be a symbol of Boy’s festival.
”Koinobori” is a symbol of a family. A big carp is a father, next mom, and children are below.

This is a child's carp streamer.
It is a very rare item, drawn by hand, which makes it difficult to find products of this age in modern times.

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