Small Round Vase with dot painting by Scarlet Pottery

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Small Round Vase with dot painting by Scarlet Pottery

Japan / 2024s

Size : φ220 H260 mm ​

Item Number : SP_03

120,000 JPY +tax / 132,000 JPY tax incl.


This is a vase made by the Japanese ceramic artist unit "Scarlet Pottery."
It is a piece of pottery made using Amakusa pottery stone.
Amakusa pottery stone is famous as the raw material for Arita ware, Imari ware, and other works.
Products made with Amakusa pottery stone are characterized by their beautiful, clear whiteness compared to porcelain products made with other pottery stones.

"Scarlet Pottery" is a unit made up of potters Hiroki Kanazawa and Shige Yuko, who live together in Amakusa.
Using a pigment called "gosu," which has long been used for dyeing,
they create works with a unique painting style that is traditional yet modern.

While each artist works individually, Hiroki Kanazawa creates the shapes of "Scarlet Pottery"'s works, and Shige Yuko paints them.

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