Japanese Old Cloth “BORO” / indigo

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Japanese Old Cloth “BORO” / indigo

Japan / Circa 1912-1940s

Size : W1950 D5 H1900 mm ​

Item Number : 7_08

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This is an item from the early Showa period.

Repair any tears or holes with another small piece of cloth.
It has a patchwork-like design, and the pattern is very beautiful.

Abstract and geometric.

This is "Boro", which is made from many layers of indigo-dyed cloth sewn together.
The holes are covered with another piece of fabric. Everything is hand sewn.
The back side is also a patchwork of indigo dyed cloth. Both sides are beautiful and you can choose which side to use depending on your preference.
In modern times, you can enjoy it as a handicraft by pasting it on the wall.

Japanese Old Cloth “BORO” / orange

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