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ヨーロッパで革新的なクリエイションを手がけてきた《パピア ラング アッカーホイゼル》は、衣装、グラフィックデザイン、スタイリング 等の経験を持つ、2人によるチーム。

彼らは紙が持つ多様な可能性を引き出し、素材選びや作業方法にも揺 るぎない基準を持っています。

ブランド名に含まれる、Langackerhäusl とは1885年に建てられたクリ エイター自身の住居であり、作品が生み出されるアトリエの名前です。 紙と伝統手工業の技術を誇りに掲げる2人の作品は、この「家」で作 られ、名を背負い、旅立っていきます。

"Papia Lang Acker Hoisel", who has worked on innovative creations in Europe, is a team of two people with experience in costumes, graphic design, styling, etc.

They bring out the diverse possibilities of paper and have unwavering standards in material selection and work methods.

Included in the brand name, Langackerhäusl is Kuri's own residence, built in 1885, and the name of the atelier in which his work is produced. The works of the two, who are proud of the techniques of paper and traditional handicrafts, are made in this "house" and carry their name on their journey.


Ice Crystal

W 400 D 200 H 600 mm

Item Number : P_01

84,000 JPY+tax / 92,400 JPY tax incl.


Particle Large Blue

W300 D250 H420 mm

Item Number : P_02

50,000 JPY+tax / 55,000 JPY tax incl.


Particle Small Orange

W150 D200 H220 mm

Item Number : P_03

32,000 JPY+tax / 35,200 JPY tax incl.


Caldera Large

W350 D380 H150  mm

Item Number : P_04



Caldera Small

W210 D210 H130 mm

Item Number : P_05

35,000 JPY+tax / 38,500 JPY tax incl.


Caldera Midium

W260 D280 H120  mm

Item Number : P_06

38,000 JPY+tax / 41,800 JPY tax incl.


Terra Side Table

H 600 mm

Item Number : P_07

220,000 JPY+tax / 242,000 JPY tax incl.


Clumn clock

Φ 255 H 1750 mm

Item Number : P_16

240,000 JPY+tax / 264,000 JPY tax incl.


Quil o'clock blue

Φ 550 mm

Item Number : P_08



Quil o'clock orange

Φ 500 mm

Item Number : P_09



Backoack sand

Item Number : P_10

38,000 JPY+tax / 41,800 JPY tax incl.


Tote Bag sand

Item Number : P_11

10,000 JPY+tax / 11,000 JPY tax incl.


Shopper black

Item Number : P_12

22,000 JPY+tax / 24,200 JPY tax incl.


Pencil Case

black / tabak  (Stock : 1 / each)

Item Number : P_13

3,800 JPY+tax / 4,180 JPY tax incl.


Sleeve concrete

Item Number : P_14

27,000 JPY+tax / 29,700 JPY tax incl.


Slim concrete

Item Number : P_15

22,000 JPY+tax / 24,200 JPY tax incl.

Antique Swedish Folding Table

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