Pair of Kabuto Chairs by Isamu Kenmochi for Tendo Mokko

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Pair of Kabuto Chairs by Isamu Kenmochi for Tendo Mokko

Japan / 1960-70s

Size : W560 D620 H690 SH360 mm ​

Item Number : 12_09

(set of 2 pieces)

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Tendo Mokko has long used outside furniture designers, which is unusual for Japanese manufacturers, and some of its products have been on sale for nearly half a century.
The technology of molded plywood is known as one of the best in the world, and from the 1950s to the 1960s, Tendo wood products were exhibited and stored at the Louvre Museum in France and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
It is also recognized for its high design quality.
We also produce real wood grain panels and wood steering wheels for Toyota (Lexus) and Honda.
Main products include “Butterfly Stool (Sori Yanagi)” and “Low Chair (Junzo Sakakura Architectural Institute (Daisaku)”)
Examples include the Kashiwado Chair (Isamu Kenmochi) and the Monroe Chair (Arata Isozaki).

As the name suggests, it is a chair with a "KABUTO" motif.
The design was made until the early 1980s, making it a highly rare and valuable monopod.
The unique shape inspired by Jacobsen catches the eye.
It is a masterpiece furniture with a rare presence that can add an accent to your interior.

Isamu Kenmochi is one of the pioneers of modern Japanese design, along with designers such as Sori Yanagi and Riki Watanabe.
He is also a founding member of the Japan Industrial Designers Association.
He is said to have created the foundation of a design called Japanese modern.
Kenmochi's history as a designer is as follows:
He graduated from Tokyo High School of Crafts and entered the Crafts Guidance Center of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry at the time.
Here with German architect Bruno Taut
His research on the standard model of the chair had a great influence on him.
Later, at the Brussels World Expo
He is thriving as a designer, with the interior of the Japan Pavilion he was in charge of receiving high praise.
Along with his stacking stool, his signature work, the Lounge Chair, has been selected as part of MoMA's permanent collection.

Pair of Armchairs by Isamu Kenmochi for Kotobuki

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