Rattan Lounge Chair by Isamu Kenmochi, circa 1960s

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Rattan Lounge Chair by Isamu Kenmochi, circa 1960s

Japan / 1960s

Size : W810 D780 H720 SH320 mm ​

Item Number : 9_21



Rattan sofa designed by Isamu Kenmochi and manufactured by Yamakawa Rattan. Circa 1960s.
It is assumed that this was manufactured in the early days. The color of the rattan has faded over time.

This rattan chair was designed by Isamu Kenmochi in 1960 for "Hotel New Japan", a pioneer of modern hotels. In order to create this curvaceous beauty, high technology based on many years of experience is required. They were made by "Yamakawa rattan", an old Japanese rattan manufacturer.

About this chair, we repaired the back side of this seat and the missing rattan part. It has been carefully repaired so that it is not visible from the outside.
This chair is a very old and delicate piece of art.
Of course it's strong enough to sit on, but it's a very old product so handle it with care.
Thank you.

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