Teiza Isu by Junzo Sakakura and Daisaku Cho_blue

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Teiza Isu by Junzo Sakakura and Daisaku Cho_blue

Japan / 1960s

Size : W660 D550 H650 SH300 mm ​

Item Number : 9_04



It was designed by Daisaku Cho to compose the Japan booth at the Milan Triennale held in 1960. At that time, he belonged to the architectural research institute of Mr. Junzo Sakakura, one of the representatives of Japanese modernist architecture. Therefore, it is estimated that the design of this chair also has some influence from Junzo Sakakura. This chair is said to be a redesign of the “Bamboo Basket Chair” designed by Mr. Sakakura. After that, the Japanese manufacturer "Tendo Mokko" has been making this chair for a long time. This chair is made of teak, but that type is now out of production. We can guess the production age by looking at the "Tendo Mokko" sticker. The sticker on this chair proves it was made in the 60-70s. Now this chair with this sticker is very rare.

Bauche n°19 wood back by Charlotte Perriand

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