Zataku by Saburo Inui for Tendo Mokko, 1960s

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Zataku by Saburo Inui for Tendo Mokko, 1960s

Japan / 1960s

Size : W1210 D760 H340 mm ​

Item Number : 9_06



This table was designed by Saburo Inui in 1959 and manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer "Tendo Mokko". A product that is still being made and has been loved for a long time. Since the part near the top plate is rounded, it is less likely to damage partition walls that have no corners. The legs are gently curved inward, but the sides are vertical. Therefore, it spreads out little by little toward the bottom, just like the "bachi" of a shamisen. The form of the legs that bends and swells inside gives a very Japanese feeling. The top plate and legs are glued together with tenon joints, and it is said that glue is still used for this joint. This seems to be the most suitable glue that takes 2-3 minutes to solidify when fine-tuning by hand at the time of joining. Furthermore, the core Material of the top plate is a roll core (a paper cylinder impregnated with resin that is continuously molded) for strength and weight reduction. As a result, it has the merits of commercial furniture, such as making it easy for the waitresses of the inn to move around, stabilizing it when standing it up, and preventing damage to the walls because there are no corners on the four corners. There is It perfectly satisfies the requirements of a masterpiece furniture, which has easy-to-use functions and a perfect balance between design and design. Tendo Mokko is a great manufacturer that succeeded in commercializing molded plywood for the first time in Japan. Saburo Inui is one of the in-house designers of "Tendo Mokko". This table has an early maker sticker. Very rare.

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