Torn Jar by Hiroki Kanazawa

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Torn Jar by Hiroki Kanazawa

Japan / 2022s

Size : W400 D400 H500 mm ​

Item Number : 7_09



Torn jar by Hiroki Kanazawa.
He is a ceramic artist who is attracting attention in Japan.
He was born in a traditional "Amakusa" pottery studio, and continues to create his new works with his own unique sense.
This Torn jar was fired over and over again, and the shape was formed regardless of his will.
Such a beautiful Torn jar is called "YABURE TSUBO" in Japan and has been traded at a high value in the antique market for a long time.


A potter born and raised in Amakusa
Year 2005
After graduating from high school, studied under his father Kazuhiro Kanazawa at Maruo ware.

2011 He studied under Ryoji Koie
Currently, I am creating works mainly using Amakusa pottery stone that can be found locally in Amakusa.

He is also active in the unit scarlet pottery with Yuko Shige.

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